Monday, November 7, 2011


Stamp & check SOAPSTone writeups. Remember that SOAPSTone analysis for this assignment needs to be typed, an include an MLA formatted header at the top, the title, and an MLA format citation for each source you discuss. SOAPSTone writeups should be done in complete sentences and include specific details/direct quotations from your research sources. Further, you should add appeals to logos, pathos, and ethos at the end of your SOAPSTone analysis for each text (see SAD handout for clarification on the rhetorical appeals).

NOTE: ALL STUDENTS must have SOAPSTones stamped and checked by this Wednesday or I will need to alert parents and advisors that you have fallen behind in your research project.

Model REALM Notes using excerpt from The Daily Show - "Intro to Hurricane Katrina." Discuss the impact of the audience, examine details, discuss the bias/values/ethos of the "author," and explain limitations and motivations operating on this text. Remember that since this is a political satire, it will poke fun not at the victims of the tragedy, but instead find a humorous angle to mock people in power to help provoke change. Also, because this airs so soon after the tragic events of Hurricane Katrina, one of the limitations Stewart has to think about is how to distance his audience emotionally from the hurricane and provide a humorous relief/viewpoint on the situation, which he does by alluding to past historical political blunders.

HW: Finish reading Ragged Dick - short quiz tomorrow over the end of the book. Complete a set of typed REALM Notes with an MLA citation and header at the top, for a 4th research source for Wednesday (we'll finish modeling this together tomorrow). Remember, as you choose sources, look for a variety of genres and discourse communities: have you examined a visual source yet? A film? A primary source? A map, chart, graph, or table? An objective news source? A political cartoon? An opinion piece? A speech? A humorous or satirical text or image? Do you have sources from multiple perspectives or target audiences? If not, keep looking, or see me for help!

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