Monday, February 22, 2010


Read four poems by Walt Whitman
In groups, select one poem to analyze using the TPS-FAST method. Use colored pencils or markers to highlight the figurative language.

Introduce Poet Study Project Components and deadlines. Start thinking about which poet from the List of Selected Poets you might want to study further.

HW: If you haven't already, complete and email me Friday's computer lab assignment #2. Select a poet to study for the written Poet Study project - bring a few name choices tomorrow. If you didn't finish the TPS-FAST analysis in class, finish that up...and complete a journal response for the same Whitman poem you studied today, due tomorrow: 100-300 words, in ink or typed, using at least one sentence starter from the "Engagement" column and at least one sentence starter from the "Metacognition" column.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Grammar Practice: Misplaced Modifiers #1

Computer Lab: Poetry Performance Project Assignment #2
Complete assignment and email attachment to

HW: Look over other potential poems (if you're not completely satisfied with the poem you found today). If you haven't submitted your "Neighborhood" poem yet, do so by Monday!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Sample Get Lit Poem Performance & Response to Carl Sandburg's "Chicago"

Link to the Get Lit Players' website for additional samples, including their performance and response to Robert Pinksy's "The Shirt"

Introduce Get Lit Poetry Performance Project and trip to computer lab: complete Exit Slip #1.

HW: Investigate poetry--find one you would be willing to perform and respond to!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Self-Reflection Questions for "Your World" Poem Draft:
1. What do I want to communicate? What is the main point ofr feeling I'm trying to express?
2. What is my favorite/most effective line?
3. What technique (refrain, personification, unconventional capitalization) did I use and where is it in the poem?
4. What could I develop more or expand? Where do I need help?
5. What might be overdone? Where could I simplify, clarify, or edit down my work?

Answer the questions above, then meet with a partner, exchange poem drafts, and respond:

Peer Response Questions for someone else to answer in response to your poem and reflection:
1. What is the main idea?
2. What is most clear/effective about the piece?
3. What do you want to know more about?
4. What is the most interesting phrase, line, or word? What parts are especially well-crafted?

HW: Final draft of poem with the self-reflection and peer response and rough draft due on or before 2/18.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Introduce TPS-FAST analysis method
Read and analyze "The Boy Died in My Alley" by Gwendolyn Brooks using the TPS-FAST method.

HW: Write a poem about an aspect of your "world" - your group of friends, family, neighborhood, school, or city that includes ONE or more of the following: personification, unconventional capitalization, or refrain. Rough draft due Monday, 2/8; final draft must be typed or written neatly in ink (no erasures, mistakes, or white-out) and submitted in class BEFORE 2/20/10.