Monday, November 21, 2011

AGENDA 11/21

Vocabulary Quiz over words from Ragged Dick

Revision activity: using your body paragraph, get four highlighters (pink, yellow, blue, and green) and color-code your draft following my sample

Yellow: highlight opening claim (description of how this source is similar to/different from other sources)
Blue: direct quotations, specific details from work, and citations in parentheses
Green: description of impact of genre and/or decisions made to suit a particular audience (e.g, Since this is a children’s book…or Because this is a political cartoon…)
Pink: underlying emotions and tone words (highlighted as individual words) and full sentences describing purpose and motivations

1) Based on your color-marking and viewing Pust's sample, what do you need to develop in your draft? (e.g., I need to include citations, I need to add more discussion of genre because I don't have enough green, etc.)
2) What do I need help with? (e.g., I don't know how to cite a video, I am not sure what the underlying emotions of this source are, etc.)

HW: For WEDNESDAY, bring the following:
1) Today's body paragraph, color-marked
2) Reflection questions answered, stapled to the back
3) Clean copy of your revised paragraph (revise based on color-marking between now and Wednesday to incorporate the things you said you needed in your revision)
4) A SECOND body paragraph(s) section discussing a different source or discourse community, with all of the above components in mind (it should already be "revised" to meet the components we highlighted for)

For MONDAY, bring a 3rd body paragraph section.

NOTE: I will distribute Uh-Oh slips to anyone who does not have these items on Monday. If you are absent on Wednesday, you will automatically get an Uh-Oh slip if you do not have the items complete and with you at the start of the period on Monday.

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