Monday, November 14, 2011

AGENDA 11/14

Introduction revision: Use highlighters to identify the five necessary components in a partner's paragraph. Then write 2 concrete comments to help your partner revise his/her introduction draft.

Prep for tomorrow's seminar on Ragged Dick by tagging four quotations with the tape flags I gave you in class.

TOPICS for seminar (find one quotation from the book that pertains to each topic--flag it with the sticky note I gave you so it's easy to find in tomorrow's discussion):

SUCCESS: Does hard work + education still equal success, as Alger believes?
TEENAGERS: How have teenagers changed or stayed the same since Ragged Dick's time (170 years ago)?
AMBITION/DREAMS: How important is it to have specific goals or dreams to work toward?
ROLE MODELS: How much impact can a good role model have? Can someone be successful without any good role models in his/her life?

HW: Revise introduction drafts as needed to include all 5 components and prepare for tomorrow's seminar.

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