Monday, February 8, 2010


Self-Reflection Questions for "Your World" Poem Draft:
1. What do I want to communicate? What is the main point ofr feeling I'm trying to express?
2. What is my favorite/most effective line?
3. What technique (refrain, personification, unconventional capitalization) did I use and where is it in the poem?
4. What could I develop more or expand? Where do I need help?
5. What might be overdone? Where could I simplify, clarify, or edit down my work?

Answer the questions above, then meet with a partner, exchange poem drafts, and respond:

Peer Response Questions for someone else to answer in response to your poem and reflection:
1. What is the main idea?
2. What is most clear/effective about the piece?
3. What do you want to know more about?
4. What is the most interesting phrase, line, or word? What parts are especially well-crafted?

HW: Final draft of poem with the self-reflection and peer response and rough draft due on or before 2/18.

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