Monday, February 22, 2010


Read four poems by Walt Whitman
In groups, select one poem to analyze using the TPS-FAST method. Use colored pencils or markers to highlight the figurative language.

Introduce Poet Study Project Components and deadlines. Start thinking about which poet from the List of Selected Poets you might want to study further.

HW: If you haven't already, complete and email me Friday's computer lab assignment #2. Select a poet to study for the written Poet Study project - bring a few name choices tomorrow. If you didn't finish the TPS-FAST analysis in class, finish that up...and complete a journal response for the same Whitman poem you studied today, due tomorrow: 100-300 words, in ink or typed, using at least one sentence starter from the "Engagement" column and at least one sentence starter from the "Metacognition" column.

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