Tuesday, October 23, 2012

AGENDA 10/23

Computer Lab T110 to experiment with Audacity

Download my sample audio project to import into and work with in Audacity 
Here's my sample audio project for use on Macs


Link to SoundBible - search for free, downloadable sound effects and music! Public domain - ok to repost on web
Link to Soungle - search for free, downloadable sound effects!
Link to Freeplay Music - search for free, downloadable background music by style or keyword. FOR CLASSROOM USE ONLY.
Link to JewelBeat - search for downloadable music - 99¢ a song gives you licensing permissions to use on web.

Study for Wednesday's quiz over Fallacies and Semicolon Use:

Fallacies Practice #1

Fallacies Practice #2
Understanding Fallacies PowerPoint
Understanding Fallacies PowerPoint Notes

Semicolons Practice #1

Semicolons Practice #2

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