Monday, October 15, 2012

AGENDA 10/15

Discuss and analyze rhetorical appeals and techniques (including sound effects) in the following political ads:
Listen to Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: "Future"
Transcript of "Future" ad
Discuss narrator - how does the narrator come across as likable, relatable, and credible? What helps the candidate come across as trustworthy, reliable, likable? (appeals to ethos)
What facts are included? (appeals to logos)
What emotions does the ad try to stir in the audience? (appeals to pathos)
How does the ad use repetition?
How does the ad use background sounds/music?
What evidence do we have that suggests this ad was created for young, undecided voters?

Listen to Dino Rossi: "Too Long"
Transcript of "Too Long" ad
Describe how this ad differs in tone and arrangement of ideas
Notice the more specific facts and critical tone
Is this ad targeted to the OPPOSITION or BASE voters? How do you know?

HW: Independent reading - 25 days left in the grading period. You should be halfway through your indie reading by now!  Bring books Wednesday for a little reading time and check-in.  Begin drafting your election ad.

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