Thursday, October 27, 2011

AGENDA 10/27

Share Researchpalooza items and give them to your group members, along with your bibliography (if you brought 4 copies; otherwise, turn in your bibliography to the turn-in bin)

Complete a reflection on a separate sheet of paper:

1) What kinds of discourse communities (different groups and perspectives) are present in the three pieces of research my classmates gave me?

2) What kinds of genres did I receive?

3) What genres or discourse communities do I especially need to find—what is NOT represented well?

4) How helpful is the research my classmates brought me? What is the most interesting piece I received?

5) What kinds of things should I look for tonight as I pull together three more sources?

When you finish, begin reading chapter 24 of Ragged Dick

HW: Print out and bring three more pieces of research tomorrow for yourself, on your OWN topic! Remember to get a wide variety of genres, especially “creative” stuff, like photographs, artwork, maps, or other visual sources, or really interesting news articles. Bring the items to class!

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