Monday, October 10, 2011

AGENDA 10/10

Work on American Dream Collages

DIRECTIONS: In chapter 6 of Ragged Dick, the character Frank says, “If you'll try to be somebody, and grow up into a respectable member of society, you will. You may not become rich,--it isn't everybody that becomes rich, you know--but you can obtain a good position, and be respected." Thus, Frank relates what is popularly known as “The American Dream,” that is, that the US is a land of opportunity and that all who work hard can become successful.

How true is the American Dream? Select images to represent your conception of the American Dream. Create a collage of at least SEVEN images to symbolize your thinking. You can add text and words, too, but the images should express your ideas. You may use a combination of magazine images and your own hand-drawn images. Collages should be colorful, neat,

You might choose to think about the following:

  • “rags to riches”
  • success
  • home ownership
  • being famous
  • pursuit of happiness
  • immigrants
  • liberty and freedom
  • equal opportunity (or not?)
  • big business/capitalism
  • the value of hard work
  • appearance/beauty
  • having a family

On the back of the collage, students should write a paragraph explaining EACH of their collage images and how they relate to the idea of the American Dream and/or what it means to be successful. This should be written on notebook paper and then glued to the back, with their full names, period #, and date

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