Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Model and prepare ENDNOTES:
Explain, for each of your 4 genre pieces, the following:
1) Which essential question does this piece answer, and how does it answer the question?
2) Why did you choose this genre, what choices did you make as you created the work, and why did you make those choices? What were you trying to convey, and which parts of your project help convey that?
3) Your reaction to the piece: what was difficult, fun, surprising, or intriguing? What did you realize or learn?

Use paragraph format (100-300 words, typed or written neatly in ink).

HW: Complete ENDNOTES for each of your four genre pieces. Write a bibliography in MLA format (this must be typed) and refer to yesterday's agenda for a sample and guidance. Complete your four genre pieces (remember, 2 must be "written" and 2 can be artistic; 1 must include details from a specific chapter of The Things They Carried, and 1 must include real-world research connected to the wars in Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan).

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