Friday, March 18, 2011


Grammar practice: Pronoun Ambiguity #2
Sample interview: use Interview Form to ask questions of Mrs. Pust and record answers, giving yourself a sample for this weekend
Write a reflection 0f 6-10 sentences, using formal academic English and referring to the person being interviewed as Mr. ________ or Ms. _________. Include a direct quotation from the person you interviewed, and include your reactions or thoughts--what did you agree with? disagree with? what were you surprised by? Include, at the top of your reflection, a citation in MLA format:

Last, First. Personal interview. Day Mon. Year.
Pust, Jennifer. Personal interview. 18 Mar. 2011.

NOTE: If you are conducting the email via the telephone, it should read Telephone interview. If you are using a video chat it should say Video conference. The other information remains the same.

HW: Conduct this interview again with an adult in your life (someone 25 or older). Complete the interview questions, quoting the interviewee as accurately as possible, and complete a reflection of 6-10 sentences as directed above, with citation.

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