Thursday, November 4, 2010


Research paper - topic check-in (reserve topics now!) Research proposal due 11/10!

Casting for A Raisin in the Sun, Act I, scene i: Walter, Ruth, Travis, Beneatha, and Mama

Group 1: (5 members): Actors! Read and rehearse your lines for Act I, scene i. You can go just outside the classroom to do this. Pay attention to stage directions in italics--this explains how you say your lines, and if you're doing anything as you speak.

Group 2 (3-4 members): sketch the stage. Figure out from the stage directions where furniture, entrances/exits go. Sketch and label all furniture needed. Then decide how to rearrange the classroom's furniture to recreate the stage.

Group 3: (10 members) Prop hunt! Go through the stage directions for your assigned pages, and make a list of all items needed for the scene. For example, if the stage directions say [She pours a cup of coffee.] that means we need a coffee pot AND a cup. Search through the prop bags I provide and check off each item. Group items needed for this scene in the box. Make a list of all additional items needed so I can bring them tomorrow.

Group 4: (rest of class) Close analysis of opening scene. Read through the initial stage directions and answer the following questions: 1) Describe the tone Hansberry creates. 2) Why does Hansberry use personification to describe how the carpet "fought back" and the window's light "which fights" its way into the room? 3) What are we supposed to realize or notice about this family?

HW: HW: Commonplace Books #2 due Monday, 11/8. Research proposal due Wednesday, 11/10. We will be in the computer lab on Monday, 11/8 for you to work on your research proposal in class, but please begin thinking about it now. Bring A Raisin in the Sun every day.

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