Tuesday, November 23, 2010

AGENDA 11/23

Computer Lab - research various sources and take notes in a systematic way
Begin researching your topic:
The New York Times Topics page - look here for your topic--you'll find a wealth of resources!
Link to the Samohi Library page to access the SIRS and ProQuest databases - you'll need your login and password

SOAPSTONE method and SOAPSTONE sample
Historic Document worksheet method
Cornell Notes method
Research note cards method - powerpoint describing research note cards

Search for independent reading book:
Santa Monica Public Library
Los Angeles Public Library
Barnes & Noble

HW: Bring your independent reading book connected to your historical research paper topic OR a printout describing the independent reading book (with title, author, # of pages, and summary/review to class tomorrow. Complete research notes in some systematic method for two different sources and bring those to class tomorrow for a research notes check. Those students who do not bring their independent reading book, two completed research notes, and/or completed typed research proposals to class tomorrow will have their advisors and families notified that they are slipping behind in class and may fail. Please be ready! Email me at jpust@smmusd.org or come by at lunch or after school if you need help!

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