Thursday, January 7, 2010


Literature Circles Activity on Chapters 2 and 3 of The Great Gatsby- students are randomly sorted into groups/roles.

Role handouts due at end of period.
Group #1: pg. 28-30
Group #2: pg. 31-33 (end of paragraph)
Group #3: pg 33 (first paragraph) to top of 36
Group #4: top of 36 to top of 39
Group #5: top of 39 to end of 1st paragraph on 41
Group #6: 1st paragraph on pg. 41 to end of Chapter 2
Group #7: pg. 43 to top of 47
Group #8: pg. 47-53 (end of top paragraph)
Group #9: pg. 57 (2nd to last paragraph) to 60 (2nd to last paragraph)

Students work independently for 15 minutes to complete their roles, then groups meet to discuss and share for the rest of the period.

HW: Reread chapter 3 for homework. Reminder that winter break assignment is due next week. Comic strip assignment due tomorrow.

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