Monday, January 11, 2010


Vocabulary Warm-up: words from The Great Gatsby

Discuss episode we watched on Friday and model annotating "MTV's 'My Super Sweet 16 Gives Sour Pleasure" in preparation for Thursday's seminar. Generate questions for seminar discussion related to money & society's attitudes toward money. Share out in whip-around style so that everyone contributes a question.

Sample questions:
1) Why do some rich people feel the need to flaunt their wealth?
2) Why do many Americans feel proud when they "cheat the system" and get something for free, or for much less than it is worth? (For example, a teenager bragging that he sneaked into a movie and caught a "double feature" for the price of one ticket, or someone bragging that she got a pair of boots for 75% off because there was a tiny flaw in the stitching, or a couple arguing about the service at a restaurant in the hopes of receiving a free dessert...)

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