Thursday, January 31, 2013


Finish introducing vocabulary from Death of a Salesman. Quiz on 2/12. Know the word's definition, spelling, and how to use it correctly in your own sentence.
Watch final scene of Death of a Salesman and discuss

Answer questions about script annotations.

HW: continue independent reading ~60 pages a week. Complete book check of 400 pages by 2/20/2013.

Finish reading Death of a Salesman and select a monologue or scene to perform (monologues should be a long speech of six lines or more; scenes with multiple characters should be approximately a page long, with approximately six lines or more per character). Annotate the script like I showed in my model: first, write a summary at the top explaining what takes place in the scene; second, for your chosen character, double-underline individual words that you will emphasize to convey emotions when performing and note in the margins why/how you will emphasize those particular words or what you are attempting to convey; and third, write a paragraph at the bottom indicating your character's motivations, goals, obstacles, and emotions in this particular scene or monologue.  Due Monday! You may photocopy the page or type it yourself, and then annotate neatly in ink or type the paragraphs if you prefer.

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