Friday, December 7, 2012


Grammar - Comparison Errors #1

Finish reading Ragged Dick aloud
Turn in final Thinking While Reading next Tuesday - chapters 17-27
17, 18, 19 : one quotation and response for each chapter

Ch 20 : Who is Jim Travis? What does suspect about him?

Ch 22 & 23: Quickwrite
In your opinion, have teenagers changed since Dick’s time? Do you know teenagers who work hard, save their money, give to charity or others who need it? Or are many of today’s teenagers selfish and lazy, and if they are, why do you think that might be? What keeps teens “on track” and helps them learn to be responsible and generous?

Ch 24:
1) What does Dick learn in the letter he receives, and why does reading it make him happy/proud?
2) Why does Micky Maguire think that "pride had had a fall," and what does Micky misunderstand?

Chapters 25, 26, 27: How did reading and studying Ragged Dick add to your understanding of TWO of the circles of identity to which you belong? Include two quotations from Ragged Dick with page numbers as part of your response.  See this handout for help.

HW: Complete Thinking While Reading for chapters 17-27, information above, due on TUESDAY.

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