Monday, November 26, 2012

AGENDA 11/26

Timed essay practice - model two body paragraphs on Topic #3 (Mariano)
Students write a practice body paragraph using A7, A8, and A9 of their FLT sheets applied to Topic #4 (Grant) - check in and coach in class

Read Ragged Dick,  chapters 15 and 16, and complete "Thinking While Reading" questions

Ch 15: What mistake does Dick make restitution for in this chapter? What arrangements does Dick make with Mr. Greyson and with Henry Fosdick?

Ch 16: What contrasts does Alger make between Dick and Henry Fosdick? How does Dick begin to apply himself and turn his weaknesses into strengths?

HW: Finish body paragraph for Topic #4 if not finished in class. Use my sample paragraphs that I wrote on Topic  #3 to help you.  Complete Chapter 15 and 16 "Thinking While Reading" sheets for Wednesday.

NOTE: Timed essay on a new topic in class on Thursday!!! See me soon for extra help if needed!

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