Friday, June 1, 2012


Finish poetry projects:

Submit draft of biographical essay, using my sample to guide you, for comments and feedback.  Remember to select the 8 or 10 most intriguing facts from the poet's life and reflect on these events; this essay should use first person ("I") and explain what you found interesting or surprising. Your goal is not to retell every fact from the poet's life, but to present the parts of the poet's life that you think are fascinating. Rough draft due by today!

Draft your bibliography, including your four poem citations and the three or more citations used in your biographical essay.  Your bibliography should be in MLA format with all citations alphabetized, double-spaced, and with 0.5" hanging indent.  See me for help on this if needed, or refer to my sample bibliography. The rough draft is due to me at the beginning of class on Monday!

Complete your last two TPS-FAST analyses and poetry journal responses. You have a sample TPS-FAST analysis for Gwendolyn Brooks' "The Boy Died in My Alley."  Here is a sample poetry journal response.

Make a creative cover sheet that includes at least one image (perhaps a picture of your author, or symbolic images from his/her poems), the poet's name, your name, my name, the course title and period number, and the date the project is due, 6 June 2012. This may be typed or hand-drawn but should be neat and creative.

Remember, all poetry projects are due on Wednesday, June 6th and absolutely NO late projects will be accepted.  If you are absent, please email me so that you can get your assignments to me electronically, or send them to school with a parent or friend.  Please contact me at for any help you need along the way!

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