Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Demonstrate sample for formatting poems for tomorrow's deadline: 4 poems with MLA format citations for the Poet Study Project (the poet you asked to study last Friday in the library)
List of Recommended Poets for Poet Study Project (in case you change your mind tonight; be sure to email me if you want to change poets!)

Prewriting for "Seasons" poem: choose a season of the year and write a poem that explores what this season means to you.  Remember to include two required devices: one from each column.  Poem final draft is due at the end of the week and should be typed in a fun font or written neatly in ink or marker.  Make sure it is of "bulletin board" quality and feel free to include an image!  No length requirement, but it needs to be long enough to explore your season and contain the two devices.

Practice "Poem for Two Voices," using one of the six poems we studied in class earlier this week. Practice reading with emotion and expression, and practice saying your individual parts and the parts you'll emphasize by reading in unison with your partner.

HW: Four poems for Poet Study Project due TOMORROW! (See above)

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