Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Analyze and brainstorm reasons for "Boomerang kids" essay prompt
Craft a sample thesis using "While...ultimately...Therefore" structure

Two sample thesis statements:

While returning home may seem like a good idea to adult children as it helps them save money, ultimately it allows young people to avoid responsibility and encourages immaturity. Therefore, Girard's argument that parents should help adult children to regroup and then move out makes sense--Girard is right that teaching responsibility and independence matters most.


While Girard suggests that adult children should not be coddled and she wants parents to push their twentysomething kids out the door, ultimately, the difficulty of the economy and how hard it is for qualified young people to make a living cannot be ignored. And so, Girard's argument misses the point--parents have a responsibility to care for their children and support them, even if it involves some sacrifice in their retirement years.

Notice that successful thesis statements recap Girard's argument and use her name, and also indicate the student's perspective. Like all academic writing, these samples also use formal language.

HW: Write an introduction and body paragraph for this essay prompt. Responses must be typed or handritten neatly in ink and are due at the beginning of the period.

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