Friday, June 3, 2011


Grammar - Who, That, Which
Explain how to approach crafting a response to your classic poem: examine the poem for shift (good place to interrupt with your response); find three or more figurative language patterns (necessary to emulate some of the poet's stylistic techniques in your response); identify the theme or meaning of the poem (and decide whether your response will agree or disagree).

Submit MLA format bibliography drafts to bin

Work time: TPS-FAST, journal entries, analyzing classic poem/drafting response, etc. Click here for sample TPS-FAST analysis, sample poetry journal entry, sample classic poem and response

HW: Continue working on poetry projects! Due Tuesday, 6/7: ALL FOUR TPS-FAST analyses and FOUR poetry journal entries. Due Wednesday, 6/8: Draft of biographical essay for poet study project. Due Thursday, 6/9 OR Friday, 6/10: Memorization check of first 5 lines of classic poem and draft of original poem response.

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