Wednesday, October 13, 2010

AGENDA 10/13

Submit Commonplace Books Assignment #1 to bin
Discuss Ch. 12-14 of Ragged Dick in small groups:
Who is Micky Maguire? Why does he dislike Dick? Do you think he is jealous of Dick, or do you think he likes to put other people down for fun, or to make himself feel better? Why do people become bullies? What's really behind it? What makes some people who come from difficult backgrounds turn into bullies, while others from similarly difficult backgrounds, become helpers?

HW: Read Ch. 15 and 16 - Discussion tomorrow!
Complete "Thinking While Reading":
Ch. 15: Focus on verbal irony (sarcasm): Copy down these quotations--
p. 132 - "I was dressed for a party, cold weather."
p. 136 - "My extensive and well-selected library was lost...But I'll buy a paper."
What is Dick being sarcastic about in these two quotations? Why do you think he jokes about this?
Ch. 16 - How does Dick continue to "improve himself"?

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