Thursday, November 19, 2009

AGENDA 11/19

Computer Lab - T110 - Work Day!

Work on typing up your introduction and two body paragraphs (due tomorrow for a progress check - 15 points total, 5 per paragraph!).
Click here for completed sample body paragraph graphic organizer and SAMPLE BODY PARAGRAPH
Finish source packet, if needed. Remember to include 3+ annotations on each source (not just highlighting! You must write comments, questions, connections, reactions, or thoughts!) except for the experience source, which requires a reflection.

HW: LAST CHANCE FOR SOURCE PACKETS: DUE MONDAY 11/23! DUE FRIDAY: Seminar Preparation (3 quotations from Act III of The Crucible, corresponding to 3 of the seminar questions) and typed introduction and two body paragraphs of your research paper.

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